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my xbox360 dont work

2007-12-24 06:57:05 by Loco-Tego

my 360 iss gone for good
i haad it for 1 year and a few months old
n one day it just stopped showiin picture i could only hear the sound
i gott a new Av cable but still it doesnt work
now i cant play all my games n my new game just got call of duty 4
i hate how things like that happen fukin xxbox wayyy u have to leav me

soo yea this all really happen to me like 2 months aago


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2007-12-24 07:30:48

so what.. you just gonna leave it there! pathetic!

Loco-Tego responds:

naw one my friends kno this guy that could fix it but first i gotta make some money
or just buy a new console which i dont wanna do but yea i gonna get bac on XBL